Junior Art Class: Lionheart EXPLORE!


Lionheart EXPLORE! Submerge your hands in paints to produce Picasso-like artworks, create an artsy vibe for your children from a young age. Getting your hands messy can be one of the ways of producing masterpieces! This is a stage of exploration, which they will get to experiment with different mediums, developing their literacy, social and fine-motor skills as well as their Hand-Eye coordination.

Course Summary:​​

Starting from the 1st lesson, we will have the different variety of mediums being taught by our instructors from: Pencils, crayons, watercolor, acrylic etc weekly. This module will allow full exploration of traditional mediums and exposure to creation and appreciation of arts at an early age- allowing greater self-awareness, develop creative and holistic values.

Lesson Plan includes:

  • Finger Painting with Acrylic

  • Cup Drawing with Markers

  • Cartoon Painting with Crayons

  • Canvas Painting with Acrylic


Interest in arts.

Recommended for Ages:

3 - 5

Class size: 



10 Sessions/Term at 90 mins per week

Lesson Fees:

Full Traditional - $360

* Trial Classes is available at $50 for new students.

(All materials are provided)

Class Schedule











4:00pm - 5.30pm


Student's Artwork

Be bold • be inspired • be lionhearted

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