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Junior Art Class: Lionheart EVOLVE!


Lionheart EVOLVED! focus on enhancing the core knowledge and reinforcing the techniques and skills that had been established developing great observational skills and creativity. With the right knowledge on the concept and technique the children will be able to create their own masterpiece confidently and independently, students will also have a glimpse on how traditional medium can be fused with digital medium.

Course Summary:​​

Starting from the 1st lesson, we will have the different variety of mediums being taught by our instructors from: Pencils, crayons, watercolor, acrylic etc weekly and may go all the way to digital if students have expressed interest and are viable to do so! (at the end of 10 sessions.

Lesson Plan includes:

  • Abstract Painting with Acrylic/Watercolor

  • Advance Watercolor Technique

  • Landscape Painting with Acrylic/Watercolor

  • Canvas Painting with Acrylic

  • Digital Art Intro


Interest in arts.

Passion to increase their fundamental skills.


Your child would benefit from this course if:


  • To develop their visual "eye"

  • To grow keen interest in arts and you think that you want to nurture this creative side of theirs

  • To nurture and cultivate character and learning through Art as a medium

  • To enhance and increase their drawing and creative aptitude

  • intend to study further in this area;have plans or ambition to become future creative designers, directors, concept artists, animators, visual artists, illustrators, advertisement and media careers etc


Syllabus & Outline

This programme of study covers the following:


  • X 2 Doodling (Graphite Pencils) - Students will learn the different strokes and line techniques of the graphite mediums and be tasked to create a visually arresting doodle masterpiece with alot of details and hatch, crosshatching techniques that showcases their inner self.


  • X 2 Advanced Watercolor Concept (Watercolor) – Students will be using watercolor to create a impressionistic or realistic scene of fantasy origins. They will learn the techniques that water-colorists use and be able to apply colors with ease and confidence.


  • X 2 Basic Color Theory (Acrylic) - Students will learn the basics of this ancient medium- the fast drying Acrylic, alla prima techniques and how to create a surreal dreamy landscape painting at the end. They will also try out color schemes such as the complimentary, triadic and analogous theories.


  • X 2 Composition & Flow (2 Mixed Medium) - Students will learn about Composition, a crucial element in artmaking. They will learn how to beautifully arrange elements in a 2d space. They will merge watercolor and acrylic later on to create a visually exciting piece that is based on a simple story with a Chinese/Japanese Ink style.


  • X 2 Texture & Concept (3 Mixed Medium) - Students will learn about textures and how to create them with the power of acrylic medium. Learn how to create thick wet on wet techniques, impasto and more to create Contemporary art-inspired pieces with vibrant colors. Learn to create a cute and beautiful forest scene inspired by animation movies and games supported by watercolor and markers at the end for outline.


Learning and Teaching

This module will be delivered through a combination of modes of delivery. It will be a 10 days /20 hours total workshop with lecture notes, and live demo with students interacting and practicing at the same time. Students will have a chance to learn first hand from the instructor, as well as to answer their any queries and doubts. A framework that encourages mutual student support will be developed for self-discussion and exchange of tips among themselves.


Learning Outcome


  • The knowledge presented allows students to create artwork that is closer to their vision, as well as developing a finer sense of appreciation for arts and culture. In line with and supporting NAC vision, we also strive to inculcate precious and holilstic values like patiences, endurance, creativity, encouraged learning, self awareness and more. In this way, students are also exposed to the creative challenge of drawing directly and improving themselves immediately from the lesson with the instructor’s help.Students will leave the course confidently with the knowledge and hands-on of several drawing processes, and will be able to create their own as a way to cultivate their artistic talent and inner self.


Material Used

Pencil and Paper







Recommended for Ages:

9 - 16

Class size: 

Max 8


10 Sessions/Term at 90 mins per week

Lesson Fees:

Full Traditional - $600 Nett

Mix Digital - $600 Nett

* Trial Classes is available at $50(Traditional) and $100(Digital) for new students.

(All materials are provided)

Class Schedule



2:00pm - 4.00pm

2:00pm - 4.00pm



5:00pm - 7.00pm







5:00pm - 7.00pm

Student's Artwork

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