Traditional Art: Watercolor Basic


Watercolor - based art are versatile and relatively mess - free, when compared to other mediums. They are easy to use and can be easily picked up by non-professionals and professionals alike. The colors produced by watercolors are vivid and vibrant. This can turn art pieces into an extraordinarily beautiful work. It can be therapeutic and uplifts ones mood while painting. There are no rules when it comes to watercolors; there is no right or wrongs when using this medium. The only limitation is by your own creativity and how you want to have fun with it.​

Students will be brought into the world of water-coloring, where they will pick up basic skills of how the watercolors work. How they move and maneuver with every stroke made, as if coming to life. Students will be encouraged to experiment with styles of using watercolors; and at the same time, have them blend colors to allow them to experience the diversity of color range watercolors provide. This will in turn allow students to be more confident of themselves when using watercolors, and be able to create their version of a dramatic effect.

Course Summary:​​

1st session: Introduction to watercolour, watercolor techniques

2nd session: Loose watercolour painting

3rd session: Cloud and Sky

4th session: Full painting combining main object and background


Interest in arts.

Recommended for Ages:


Class size: 



4 Sessions/Topic at 120 mins per week

Lesson Fees:


* Trial Classes is available at $50 for new students.

(All materials are provided)

Class Schedule








2:00pm - 4.00pm





Sample Artwork


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