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Come and Explore the myriad of courses we provide at our studio by our outstanding trainers as well as artists who are also in the industry. Let us develop your skills and interest in the Arts you are keen in- or just partake in our painting sessions to unwind stress and chill in the studio. Feel like checking out a particular art style or skill, or learn many things at one go? Take on our Art Membership! It is the first of its kind, merging traditional arts and digital arts together in a space, where beautiful art is created side by side- where technology meets classical roots.

You can be assured your interests are in the best of our (lion)hearts.

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Step into another realm and experience the true difference of what we offer, enjoy not only the lavish setup in a humble surrounding, but also the high-end equipment & ambience we provide when you learn at Lionheart Studio. Add to that an unmistakably aura of elegant professionalism plus very affordable prices that only we can offer- Lionheart Studio is a company that strives to be in its own league, not to compete with the many other art studios that dots our great nation.

Unique Features of our premier studio

Corporate & Creative events

Duo setup is a term we like to use, to describe the ability of our studio to conduct both traditional and digital arts at the same time, or even together as a hybrid class. 

Our space allows our clients to customise their special events to their needs- birthday events, team bonding, edutainment, education and creative corporate marketing etc.

Cozy & Professional studio

Lionheart Studio is an Official Wacom Training Centre as well as a Wacom retailer. We also have test and demo units available for customers to try out.


We use the world leading tablets and artistic devices to train, educate and demonstrate not only in our studio but also at public venues. In the studio we can and may employ up to 2 large high quality projections for classes.

Haven for Artists

All art studios have or should have experienced teachers, and our lecturers and friends from the industry are still ACTIVE in the industry, which enables for richer connections and relevant class materials. 


Besides this, our studio have lined up a solid list of guests artists(Ubisoft, Koei etc) and luminaries to share over workshops and special events all in the timeline. We also promote the Local Artists support and movement, promoting our artists' artworks on our walls as well as creative craft for sale in the studio.

Singapore's only indoor garden studio

Our unique location at Havelock 2 sits opposite Park Royal Hotel, inspiring us to design a unique indoor-garden themed space for traditional arts learning and art jamming, combined with soothing aromatherapy and spacious sounds by Sonos systems.

Daylight fills the space with warmth and positive inspiring light and evening periods showcase the romantic, soft lights for art and painting any time.

Quaint and Inspiring Location

Lionheart Studio is situated right smack between two great central locations of Singapore- the Chinatown where tourists and even locals flocked to see the sights and to shop their desires; the Clarke Quay where notable landmarks dot the region and boisterous and vibrant night life lights up the skies in the evening. More importantly, the direct location of our studio gives insight and cultural appreciation into some of our local architecture, and interesting characters and locals light up imagination and inspiration to all in the area.