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Asus ProArt PA27AC Review

Lately, we have the chance to try out ASUS ProArt monitor in our school studio at EASB.

And boy, it is good.

Do you know that ASUS ProArt™ PA27AC is Worldwide 1st 27-inch HDR400 with Thunderbolt™ 3 professional monitor?

It looks beautiful with its frameless design, is elegant on any table or surfaces. Besides the good looks, what is the main selling point?

Well it turns out, as they claimed and tried it out- the visuals are nothing short of spectacular. It is 100% Adobe sRGB color gamut and for designers like us, it is vivid, splendid and magnificent to our eyes. Creating illustrations or making our VR immersive experience programs really comes to life when using this series of monitors.

Which brings me to an interesting point...

One of our colleagues, Aaron, is an VR expert and he remarked that this monitor look like the VR experience to him and joked that no wonder there aren't many people who have gotten into VR gaming yet because monitors like this exist thus people just continue playing their games traditionally with monitors! Overall the sharpness and pixel-overload of this high quality monitor really makes a difference when looking at images, playing games and colors, as mentioned, jumps out of the screen at you.

The USB3 ports that support high speed up to 40Gb/s is really awesome for transferring our files and media across platforms.

The flicker free technology actually helped to lessen the strain on our eyes, I actually worked on a concept art for about 2 hours still feeling's a screenshot of the process, I was immersed in it and didnt notice that time had passed by so fast.

Overall I do recommend and highly suggest this monitor for your consideration if you are looking for a solid, elegant, flicker free and vibrant screen that works the best for any casual gamer, designer, artist...basically everyone!

I can truly see the heart and soul that Asus is putting in to create world class monitors, truly amazing value and quality for the display, technology and it is not only for work stations, content creators, artists but for anyone who needs high end displays and even the gamers as well.

I give this our Lionheart Award with pride & joy!

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