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Ubisoft Concept Artist in Lionheart Studio with a power packed Demo!

We have had the honor of an invited guest artist Guang Yu from Ubisoft, who's worked on titles like Assassin's Creed series and even Ubisoft Singapore's very own Skull and Bones!

Besides sharing precious information about the process he does, he also showed some very cool personal art and his workflow, creative process and more. The free demo was open to public and quite a number of students from other schools, artists, professionals and more packed up the venue with delight.

He will be having his own Masterclass on either 17 or 24 March, so please RSVP your slots, as it is limited and this master class demo will run from morning to lunch, and lunch to late afternoon completion of a artwork from scratch. Be sure to join this exclusive event and collaboration by Lionheart Studio and also get exclusive feedback on your portfolio pieces by one of the industry's brightest.

For more pictures we took that day, please visit: LIONHEART GUANG YU ALBUM

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