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Lionheart Studio Creative Director Engaged for Lenovo's Visual Symposium 2017!

Lionheart Studio was very honored and glad to have taken part in Lenovo's Visual Symposium 2017! Our Creative Director was engaged and invited as an VIP and the Artist for the very unique task(first of its kind from Lenovo) and overseas launch by Lenovo in Bangkok, at the historical Nai Lert Heritage site. The event was split into both Media and VIP Dinner timing( where the bosses and top directors are flown in to attend this annual event around the world), and we showcased the power of Lenovo's latest monitors including their professional P-series , dazzling the audience with their 99% sRGB adobe gamut, an impressive feat in monitor technology!

Using Wacom Mobile Studio Pro, DreadJim( Jim) showcased a concept art piece layer by layer to the media in the morning, explaining the features and importance of screen and colors alongside Mr Jacus Long, Visuals Head of Lenovo Singapore, who also introduced us as Lionheart Studio and the Wacom Master Artist of Singapore. The evening presentation was even more entertaining and stellar, as Dreadjim and Mr Long invited volunteers for a photo capture, to be transformed into a unique Hero complete with Nai Lert environment created by Dreadjim in less than two hours! Thankfully, a beautiful and graceful lady answered the call and the result was printed out on Canon with their print. The crowd was really supportive and smiles were to be seen across the dinner room, as it came as a surprise and nobody really expected a 'magic' show with digital art and technology.

This was a great event, a great experience and achievement for Lionheart Studio, and we look forward to the upcoming timeline and to expand! We would like to congratulate Lenovo for achieving the top 3 in monitor sales globally once again, and applaud their creative boldness in doing this collaboration, and in choosing us.

It's getting more and more exciting!


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