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Free Work Process from Dreadjim!

#Dreadjim is an artist born and bred in Singapore, although he have had the privilege of studying whilst working overseas in United States,SA, as well as China (Beijing) during his freelance career as an artist, he was mostly self taught(in digital drawing and painting)- even during his diploma course in Nanyang Poly(SG). It wasn't until he had his first taste of revelation- of what education could do in the right hands- that he received several major boosts to his skills whilst learning from renowned artists such as Sam Hood(Pixar), John English, Jason Felix, Ron Lemen and many more. He has thus completed his Associate Degree Illustration from Academy of Art and 2D Entertainment Degree from Aspen.

Since then he has made it his personal mission and career path-to accelerate and deepen students knowledge of What They Seek within a short period of time.

He has several modules in Lionheart Studio and they are mostly related to his choice of illustration, concept art and production art.

Check out this rather short yet interesting tutorial from him!

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