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Looking in the world to prepare your portfolio to meet the standards of today's strict criteria, but unsure what to do and how to go about it?

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Do you want to get into schools like 

Sota, FZD, Art Center, academy of Art or other art & Design schools?


Or get into a particular studio, or a dream company? Or just know what is your weakness & how to improve it?

Or you just need that extra edge or push to land a commission/job

without going into a course?

Well look no further, we have an online international art improvement for artists of all calibre now.

Lionheart Studio would like to offer this price at a steal because of our vision to help the younger generations and the artists to nurture and encourage them all. The effort and time taken reflects our company's vision and commitment which is the reason this free review is possible, if you think it help you in any way do pay any amount that you like, we appreciate the coffee ;).

Try out our free improvement and review service right here, if you are satisfied, take up the affordable paid version where you will receive not only the paintover piece but many other benefits! This insane price for a video review+personal coaching will cover not only the process but also the commentary and analysis, similar to the hundreds-or-thousands-of-dollars' courses found at many online digital art and schools today.


Take advantage of it while it last til we are either overwhelmed or until further notice.

No Obligations. Direct Honest Feedback. Improve with us!

Free Review


1 Paintover Jpeg showing what is possible, improvements may come in the form of Color changes, readjustment to Composition, Values tightening, overall art check etc...

Improved insights and exact techniques to achieve results

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50 USD only

Enhanced Review


1 Paintover Jpeg


1 Video process (MP4) with techniques and paintover

Commentary/Advice and Suggestions

Improved insights and exact techniques to achieve results

At Any amount!

Friendly Reminder: The services rendered are first come first serve basis and may take up to six days to resend it back. Only one piece per person's account is accepted for the free review. As we may be loaded with work and projects, we hope you understand if the review did not happen immediately but rest assured we will do our best. Free Review will be paintover to show what is relevant according to the sender's skills, it may be a lot of paintover or normal, according to what our artist think can be absorbed. Artworks done may or may not also be used to promote/market further services under this category or showcased in our gallery(with students' credits), submitting a piece will infer the term 'student' to the sender.

Who and how?



singapore digtal arts
marvel art sinapore

Character Portraits


Shogun Era IP and world building

shiba singapore

Nephilim Chronicles IP

 fantasy art

Credits: Dreadjim                                          for more click on dreadjm.com

One of our main artists will be Jim Ling, 

Wacom Master Artist (Singapore),

Creative Director of Lionheart Studio

(official Wacom Training Center), with a vast experience of 13 years in the entertainment industry combined with education industry.


His versatile styles can be seen in his art persona on Google by the name of Dreadjim, ranging from semi-realism to mattepaintings & concept arts which will be a huge help to any student pursuing any styles of artworks and direction. He has also lectured in many institutes and schools in areas such as Visual effects, Animation and drawing courses as well as spearheaded program syllabus in private school previously. His projects range from game properties to film and commercial corporate such as Tudor, Genting Dream, TIME and many more.


Being self taught since the age of 4 til 21, that didn't stop Jim from pursuing higher education and to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts degree in Entertainment 2D Design from Aspen University, Colorado, in conjunction with The Art Department and ConceptArt veterans,as well as an Associate of Arts degree in Illustration from Academy of Art, San Francisco in order to understand the world and Art better- to be able to impart all theories and guidance properly for educating the new generation, to be better equipped as artists in this bold new world.

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Jim Ling

Wacom Master Artist,

Creative Director of Lionheart Studio,

Wacom Authorised Training Center(SG)

The process will be modeled after how online tutor/courses work, with a 1-1 coaching and personal touch as we will go over your artwork with overpainting to show you how and what your work can evolve to. This is the best way of giving a fantastic feedback where one can self-analyse and work on your own pieces after the paintover. You will be able to see a drastic increase in quality toward what you desire in terms of: Composition, Values, Colors, Lighting, Rhythm and Flow.

Samples and what to expect?

Applying Light, shadows and enhancement..

Facial Anatomy, Anatomy, problem areas..

Image Credit: Mai Ani

Ultimately every individual has his or her own unique style of learning, understanding and expression of taught knowledge.

We expect very new beginners to intermediate submissions.

What we will do is identify the core problems that you are facing, and then 'paintover' or critique and feedback your work.

This is akin to having a free upgrade to your skillsets should you be able to understand the feedback and results.

We will also suggest some path that you can follow, by either working on your own or to engage one of our recommended courses that will get you through your 'bottleneck'.

Our experience over the years has shown us that Art is indeed something that can be taught, understood and practiced- like a science system of sorts, whereby certain 'formulas' are followed and success can be attained. Talent is overrated.

With our experience and our studio, we guarantee a very high chance of knowledge and skill retention- and the only thing that can often impede an artist's growth is their stubbornness, ego or laziness. 

So do not be shy, submit your work and let us help you today.

Using Colors, Mood and values...

Applying Lighting, colors, rim light etc..

Image Credit: Lianne

Find out today how to quickly solve your anatomy, composition, lighting, values, colors, flow & rhythm, proportions, lost & found edges, using accents and MORE! With an open mind, you are more powerful than you can imagine.