Besides our improved heARTJAM sessions with longer duration and better price for all our customers, we now have these delightful 'games' & challenges for you to try out today!

2020 new additions

Feeling lucky? try the lucky dice throw in the den to see what you get!

Lucky Dice Game

Simply Book a heARTJAM session with us,  when you are here at the studio,

1) Let us know you want to participate in this game, Pay the $2 fee. (Available only to 1 pax package & not Liongroup etc)


2) Play our dice game to win 1 of the following to modify your heART JAM package:

3) Go for it, Enjoy your session!

2 - Ones!  50% Discount!

Odd numbers!  pay the same!

even numbers! 1x drink voucher!

any number with 6! 20% off!

paint here & Win the Monthly heARTJAM Challenge & prize!

heartjam challenge

Simply Book a heARTJAM session with us,  when you are here at the studio,

1) Let us know you want to participate in the heART Jam Monthly Challenge! Themes are different every month!

2)Enjoy your 2.5 hours session with the canvas( or top up more, top up size to finish your masterpiece) and park your masterpiece at Lionheart Studio for voting!

3) Your piece will be voted by other artjammers and clients and and all scores will be tabulated at the end of each month.

4) Winners and participants will be notified and the winning entry will be Lionheart Studio's property and showcase, winner gets SGD$50 cash prize plus 2 heart jams! The other participants will take back their entries.

Terms & Conditions Apply: Final decision is at the discretion of Lionheart Studio. Participants can participate in as many entries as desired with each heART JAM package.


A minimum of 5 entries is needed for each month to proceed, otherwise participants will be notified of the outcome to take back their artworks.

Be bold • be inspired • be lionhearted

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