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Exclusive: Story Telling Illustration


Date: 24th March 2018, Saturday

Time: 10am - 4pm (Lunch break at 12pm)

Venue: Lionheart Studio

Admission Fee: $250

Enquiry: (Whatsapp) +65 9748 4688

* Please drop us an enquiry for student rates.

* A minimum of 10 participants is required for the class to commence.

Guang Yu

Concept Artist


Guan Yu joined Ubisoft in 2011 as a lighting artist, and doing concept art on the side. Guan Yu became a full time concept artist in 2015 till now. Guan Yu worked on most of the Assassin's Creed title, and the recently announced Skull and Bones.

Meet the Instructor


In this exclusive workshop, Guan Yu will share and impart his knowledge on creating an illustration focused on story telling, with the emphasis of staging, lighting, mood and composition.

Workshop Outline:​​

1st stage: Exploration

  • Creating inspiring thumbnails focused on staging and line composition


2nd stage: Developing of thumbnail to a sketch 

  • Research process for reference images and photos and how to use these references to greater effect.

  • Blocking-in techniques with simple shapes, forms and values to suggest lighting plans and mood early on in process


3rd stage: Refining and polishing 

  • Bringing the image to the final quality - adding colors, rendering techniques, special effects and details.

Guan Yu's Artwork

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