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Exclusive: Infinity Bootcamp


Date: 7th June 2018, Thursday

           8th June 2018, Friday

Time: 11am - 4pm

Venue: Lionheart Studio

Admission Fee: 

  • 1 Day - $80

  • 2 Day - $130

Enquiry: (Whatsapp) +65 9748 4688

* Lunch & Refreshment included.


A fun Powerhouse Bootcamp filled with fun and exciting learning using Mixed Media and digital art cum animation bootcamp that is bound to make kids and teens happy with their 'superpowers' as they learn how to  paint, act out the superheroes powers and animate this into GIFs at the end of the day.

Workshop Outline:​​

Day 01: Digital Art Focused Workshop

  • Background Painting

  • Superhero Photography

  • Digital Gif Creation

  • Polaroid Frame Making


Juniors will come dressed up (optional) as their favorite superheroes, learn and paint out the background where they will become the hero of their story in acrylic and canvas. Next they will head to the Photography section where they will be directed to act out silly and fun shots that will be combined with their background paintings.

Day 02: Craft Focused Workshop 

  • Crown Decoration 

  • Sword  Decoration

  • Creative Pet Dragon Painting

Immerse yourself into the medieval age as you design your very own crown or sword as well as learn how to make a creative 3d pet painting!

Sample Artwork

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