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Exclusive: Embodying Personality in an Artwork


Date: 18th August 2018, Saturday

Time: 10am - 5pm

Venue: Lionheart Studio

Admission Fee: 

  • Early Bird - $120 (Till 3rd Aug)

  • General Admission - $150

Enquiry: (Whatsapp) +65 9748 4688

Registration is Open till 14th August
For participants aged 12 years & above


Over the course of the workshop, Rachta Lin will bring you along her journey from conceptualization, to creating an artwork together alongside with Rachta herself.

From concept to design, Rachta will be showing us her work processes as well as tips and tricks that she have accumulated throughout her career.

Join us in this exclusive workshop with Rachta Lin now!

About the Artist:

It all started with Rachta's fascination with manga and animation. These sparked off the creative
flames within her at a young age. Doodles of her family soon gave way to sketches of her
favorite childhood heroine Himitsu no Akko-chan. It wasn't long before Rachta's interests had her
bit by the geek culture bug. Spider-Man became her first comic superhero while Batman's Robin
is her all-time favorite. When not starring into comics or sketching on paper, you'll often find
Rachta online playing the latest video games.

Rachta believes that the ability to create is within all of us. Since leaving her corporate life behind
as Creative Director, Rachta has travelled around the world attending events to meet up with her
fans. This artist journey has brought her together with companies such as Garena, Blizzard
Entertainment, Armaggeddon, Razer Inc and Wacom. Together with them, she creates to share
her love of pop culture with everyone. This artist illustrates her works using both traditional and
digital methods – finding the perfect medium to bring out the artwork's aesthetics, be it a custom
comic cover, a digital game illustration or an original fan-commissioned masterpiece.

Official Website:
Official Patreon:
Official Facebook:
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Official Twitter: @rachta_lin
Official Tumblr:
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*Disclaimer: Once registered, no refund with withdrawal of participation is allowed. Lionheart Studio Pte. Ltd. reserves the rights to amend, postpone or cancel (full refund) this workshop with prior notice to all participants.

Refreshments will be provided

Sample Artwork

Rachta 1
Rachta 3
Rachta 7
Sample - (The Pokemon Company) Pokemon GO
Sample - (The Pokemon Company) Eeveelution
Sample - (Disney) Beauty and the Beast
Sample - (DC Comics) Wonder Woman
Sample - (Fate) Saber Nero Bride
Sample - (Overwatch) Gamerific Slumber Party
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