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From budding digital artists to advanced technopreneurs, our digital art class courses are separated into bite-sized modules that cater to varying interests across three skill levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Industry/Professional). Whether you’re interested in mastering the basics of digital arts manga style drawing or obtaining a professional certification in entertainment design, you’ll surely find digital art class to sink your creative juices into!.

Our specialised digital art class features small class sizes. The ratio of instructor to students is low in each digital art class, ensuring a more productive and pleasant learning experience for all.


Our digital art class courses are suitable for artists across a wide range of industries who wish to sharpen their core digital art concept skills or even companies looking to train their creative staff.

Our digital art class courses cater to the following professionals across industries and more:

•     Students

•     Animators

•     Game Developers

•     Illustrators

•     2-Dimensional (2D) Artists

•     Owners of entertainment media businesses and brands.

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