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Digital Art: Junior


Using children’s interest in technologies, Lionheart Studio aims to educate kids in terms of artistic skills. With different topics to chooses from, participants will learn useful skills and tools of the software to create art pieces based on the topic. From this course, our experienced instructors will also utilize influences such as films and games to teach them how to imagine and create what the they love most, and educate them what are necessary to further improve them. The mission of this course is to help children open up their creativity and help them explore the artistic side of life using the very same technology that they surround themselves with every day.

Course Summary:​​

In this course, students will be taught the basic fundamentals on how to use:

Adobe Photoshop CC – Create Anything you can imagine. Anywhere you are. The world’s best imaging and design app is at the core of almost every creative project. Work across desktop and mobile devices to create and enhance your photographs, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.

Choose 6 sessions ($600) or 12 sessions ($1000) as a  discounted bundle

(save $200!):

  • Creature Design

Students will learn techniques in digital concept art for designing interesting and memorable creature concept. This module covers fundamental ideas behind creature design through the creation of unique thumbnails and rough studies. It also covers basics such as unique Creature studies, construction and anatomy, costuming, posing, Realistic Textures and lighting techniques.


Students will take the knowledge from the previous module and develop them into full concepts by utilizing common industry techniques such as photo manipulation, paintover techniques and more, to achieve the results in an alternative to Digital Painting 3. Students will be able to see demonstrations, presentations and get feedback on their work both live and On Review

  • Character Design

Students will attempt to create their character designs with detailed focus, using logic combined with aesthetics, to create a believable design that can be used in the game, animation or film industry. Students will hone their digital painting skills by using painting techniques, various methods such as custom shapes, custom brushes etc, to finish and polish up their character design. Students will be able to see demonstrations, presentations and get feedback on their work both live and On Review

  • Environment Design

Developing environments for the entertainment industry is one of the cornerstones of the concept artist's work. The students are trained to apply the fundamentals of composition and perspective in creating environment. Students will learn to develop themes and styles specific to different genres. Topics covered include cartoon, realism, hyper-realism styles for games and film. Students will be able to see demonstrations, presentations and get feedback on their work both live and On Review

  • Story and Illustration Design

In this class, we will learn about basic value patterns, and how to use our 5 values to create thumbnails and concepts which we can further develop into a full fledged illustration. We shall go through the fundamentals of Golden Ratio, rule of thirds and other related theories, and apply them into our idea development.

Student who completed this course successfully will be able to:

  • Understand how to use the basic tools and function of photoshop

  • Understand basic lighting and shadows

  • Create basic human anatomy

  • Create basic animal anatomy

  • Understanding of atmospheric perspectives

  • Understanding basic composition

  • Ability to create and imagine


Interest in arts.

Basic drawing skill is recommended.

Recommended for Ages:

6 - 12

Class size: 



6 - 12 Sessions at 120 mins per week

Lesson Fees:

6 Sessions - $600

12 Sessions - $1200

Topic Choices:

  • Characters

  • Creatures

  • Environments

  • Illustration

* Trial Classes is available at $100 for new students.

(All materials are provided)

Meet the Instructor

jimmy ling

ba. in entertainment design 2d

AA. in illustration

aspen university, academy of art university

winner of 2017 wacom master artist

Jim aka Dreadjim sparked off with a diploma in Digital Media Design and started off an art director in the advertising industry for a year at TNBT, then moved on to freelancing for various small and big names since 10 years ago.​

Class Schedule









2:00pm - 4:00pm



4:00pm - 6:00pm

Instructor's Artwork

forest copy
sinbadtest re2
Digital Art - Concept Design Basic Header
Digital Art - Concept Design Basic 01
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