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Digital Art: Concept Design 


Concept Design aka Entertainment design is one of the industry’s newest fields, as well as one of the fastest rising fields. According to a California-based entertainment company, entertainment design was created in response to “the rise of computer graphics and digital technologies in recent years.” Entertainment Design incorporates elements of all areas of animation as well as character design, film design, graphic design, motion graphic design, transportation design, user interface design, and product design.

Course Summary:​​

This crash course will teach to use Photoshop and its tools as an experienced and knowledgeable digital artist. It will not teach basics and fundamentals (for that, look to Digital Art Basic), instead it will be focusing on all the production pipeline techniques, where speed and timing is of essence and focuses on topics and advanced concepts like photo-bashing, over-painting, thumbnail generation and usage of textures and resources to create kickass artworks very quickly. Learn each of the following techniques to create concept and production art in very short duration (each of the sample artworks shown here takes less than an hour).

Course Outline:​​

1) Speedpainting and Visualistion techniques - using paint, tools, shapes for quick thumbnailing

2) Overpainting- Techniques to paint over photos into fantastical concepts

3) Photobashing- Adding textures and support elements to an developing piece

4) Photomanipulation- turning stock into concept ideas and impressive imagery in short time


Basic Art, digital tools and drawing/painting skills

Passion to take their skills to the next level.

Recommended for Ages:


Class size: 



4 Sessions at 90 mins per week

Lesson Fees:


* Trial Classes is available at $100 for new students.

(All materials are provided)

Meet the Instructor

jimmy ling

ba. in entertainment design 2d

AA. in illustration

aspen university, academy of art university

winner of 2017 wacom master artist

Jim aka Dreadjim sparked off with a diploma in Digital Media Design and started off an art director in the advertising industry for a year at TNBT, then moved on to freelancing for various small and big names since 10 years ago.​

Sample Artwork

Today Earnest 2hour class and demo into
Do you prefer A or B_ And why___Finally
Started on work for untitled new project
A rare SSR Unliving unit called The Shad
matte painting piece dedi
'Peace of a madman
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