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Digital Art: Basic


This module focuses on the introduction to Digital Art. Students will learn about this popular and most widely used art medium in today’s industry. They will learn about Photoshop and its tools and how it can be wielded as an artistic tool to create, draw, paint and design.

Course Summary:​​

This module will teach to use Photoshop and its tools as a digital artist. It will also enable them to learn about art fundamentals like values, rendering and making objects and subjects ‘3D’. They will also acquire valuable human basic proportion theory and practice, to be able to create character designs. Finally they will end off with color theory and basic digital coloring techniques.

Course outline:​​

Workshop A

1) Usage of digital hardware and software. Familiarity with styluses (Digital pens/brush).

2) Digital drawing and painting techniques

3) Classical Art fundamentals with Digital medium- Values, Colors and Adjustment

4) Basic proportions and figure drawing 

Workshop B

1) Basic character design

2) Basic Character rendering and coloring

3) Basic Environment/Landscape Painting

4) Presentation. Special effects and Polish


Interest in arts.

Recommended for Ages:


Class size: 



90 mins per session

Lesson Fees:

1 Workshop (4 Sessions) - $500

Promotion: 2 Workshops - $800

* Trial Classes is available at $100 for new students.

(All materials are provided)

Meet the Instructor

jimmy ling

ba. in entertainment design 2d

AA. in illustration

aspen university, academy of art university

winner of 2017 wacom master artist

Jim aka Dreadjim sparked off with a diploma in Digital Media Design and started off an art director in the advertising industry for a year at TNBT, then moved on to freelancing for various small and big names since 10 years ago.​

Class Schedule








2:00pm - 4.00pm



1:00pm -3.00pm


Sample Artwork

FUNSun! _Today session with Earnest begi
Today fruitful 2 hours class and work wi
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170916 Ryan
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