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Digital Art: Advanced concept art Design Course


Entertainment design is one of the industry’s newest fields, as well as one of the fastest rising fields. According to a California-based entertainment company, entertainment design was created in response to “the rise of computer graphics and digital technologies in recent years.” Entertainment Design incorporates elements of all areas of animation as well as character design, film design, graphic design, motion graphic design, transportation design, user interface design, and product design.

Course Summary:​​

In this module, Students will work with together with instructors to create their universe and original intellectual property for the art and entertainment industry. Students will spend the time in this module to create documents, and artwork and art bibles using industry practices for IP creation. Students will also experience real world pressure in these tight deadlines, and will have their instructors acting as art directors in the 3 projects.

Course Details:​​

The Advanced Concept Art Design Course is meant for students adept or have familiarity with digital art and who wish to take their works up to another level. To achieve this, 3 projects of varying intensity full of challenges will be presented. Students are to complete these within the 12 sessions, seek guidance and advice from the instructor who acts as a 'client' and will ultimately receive a certificate upon completion with a grade.

Recommended for Ages:


Class size: 



12 Sessions at 120 mins per week

Lesson Fees:


Certificate will be awarded upon completion.

* Trial Classes is available at $100 for new students.

(All materials are provided)

3 Projects in 12 sessions

Book Cover Illustration

Students will start off with a simple illustration for a mock book or novel project. They will learn about framing and understand the importance of composition.

Character Splash Art

They will tackle a Character Design and Splash Art, widely used in today's game and entertainment properties to attract attention and hype up the IP. Subject focus, dynamic angles and rendering will be the sole focus for this second project. They may opt for a Animation or cute style/low-budget style of painting and result for this.

High Vision Illustration

For the final project, students are tasked with the most complex scene they may have ever create- high vision illustrations that have elements of character, creature and environment design involved that shows a narrative of their own story IP they are trying to sell. It will be done in the epic, high-budget game style, with strong impressions on the viewer.

Meet the Instructor

jimmy ling

ba. in entertainment design 2d

AA. in illustration

aspen university, academy of art university

winner of 2017 wacom master artist

Jim aka Dreadjim sparked off with a diploma in Digital Media Design and started off an art director in the advertising industry for a year at TNBT, then moved on to freelancing for various small and big names since 10 years ago.​


Basic and Advanced Art, digital tools and drawing/painting skills

Passion to take their skills to the next level.


You would benefit from this course if:

  • Core mastery of skill-sets to create illustrations and concept art from imagination


  • Learn all the fundamentals of digital artwork which is used in books, films, movies, games, advertising and also fine art etc.


  • Practical skills and knowledge that is the precursor and core of some universities on taught subjects


  • Knowledge of the illusion of depth and perspective and how to apply them in designs


  • Composition and Lighting fundamentals that is used in many other various art/art-related forms


  • Be familiar with industrial design and greenlight process for entertainment design in games, movies and entertainment industry.


  • Latest  2D art skills in the industry and proficiency in 2D software/hardware like Photoshop and tablets etc.

Class Schedule












2:00pm - 4:00pm

Sample Artwork

forest copy
Vader full
Digital Art - Concept Design Basic Header
Digital Art - Concept Design Basic 01
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