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Artists/trainers wanted!

At Lionheart Studio, our dream is bring together the best of the talents in this country(whether local or foreign) together, carving a way for them to impart and reach out to the next generation to share their trade and craft- so that Art in Singapore thrives and grow strong! If you think you have what it takes to teach and train, or perhaps wish to do so, we will be glad to assist and train you to be able to teach in whatever medium you specialize in. Due to numerous applications, we have to vet through all the artists and this may take awhile- so please be patient.

Please email us at with the title: Applying for Exclusive Trainers

Art/Sales Interns welcome!

If you have a passion for arts/sales or is just starting out, please do write out to us for internship opportunities as it is hugely rewarding as experience and training is gifted to you in a very short time. Our remuneration is competitive and we will consider all interns for full time positions if suitable and once probation is up.

Please email us at with the title: Applying for Internship

freelance agents welcome

If you do not want to teach or think you are not ready yet, you can also join us as a service-provider. Service Providers are called upon when we have jobs coming in from clients and will reach out to artists or designers having that particular skill-set required.

Please email us at with the title: Applying for Freelance Service

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Whether you are an avid artist freelancing, or someone who wants to grow with us, or even the elusive 'pro', we at Lionheart can use your talents if you want it.

Afterall, with great power comes great responsibility.

Impart to the next generation today!

We welcome

established Artists and up and coming artists to conduct lessons at our Duo Studio. *subject to approval.

Even if you are fulltime, you can consider part time coaching and mentoring students in your free time.

For all other enquiries relating to working or collaborating or even rental of studio space, please email us at